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Exploring beautiful Lake George, New York

In summer 2014, a friend of mine went to Lake George and posted photos of the trip on Facebook. She and her family had hiked up to a high point and the view from the top was of a large blue lake dotted with luscious green islands. I went home that day and added Lake… Continue reading Exploring beautiful Lake George, New York

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Exploring the State Parks of North Carolina

Following our lovely few days in South Carolina, we began making our way back north, stopping next in the Raleigh, North Carolina area to visit another aunt and uncle who I hadn’t seen in probably close to 12 years. My extended family is spread all across the country, making it extremely difficult to see everyone… Continue reading Exploring the State Parks of North Carolina

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Exploring Connecticut’s State Parks (part VI)

It’s been a while, but it's time for the next Connecticut State Parks post! There will probably be only one more after this, as I’ve finally almost made it through the list of parks I visited in my six years in Connecticut. The first four parks in today’s post Pat and I actually visited in the… Continue reading Exploring Connecticut’s State Parks (part VI)