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Colorado Day Hikes: Chief Mountain

This happens to everyone, right: you do something wrong and you get corrected and then you can never remember which version was wrong and which one was correct? As a preteen I attended Chief Joseph Middle School and, in one of the more embarrassing moments of my time there, I misspelled the word ‘chief’ at… Continue reading Colorado Day Hikes: Chief Mountain

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Colorado Destinations: Royal Gorge Railroad

For people who like to celebrate by doing something outdoorsy, February isn’t the optimal time of year to have an anniversary. Sure, we could have gone skiing… if we felt like dropping $200+ for a single day and spending hours sitting in traffic. (We didn’t.) So instead, we settled on a scenic train ride through… Continue reading Colorado Destinations: Royal Gorge Railroad

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Colorado Destinations: Manitou Cliff Dwellings

Winter 2019 in Colorado was a ridiculous one. I hear. It was our first winter out here, but everyone we talked to assured us that it was unusual. The season began fairly mild but by March – right about the time I was ready for winter to end – the snow arrived with a vengeance… Continue reading Colorado Destinations: Manitou Cliff Dwellings

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Rocky Mountain National Park Hikes: Lake Haiyaha

This is one of the few hikes in Rocky that I actually completed in the winter first, and this experience really emphasized the fact that everything looks so different beneath the summer sun than it does covered in snow. I’d never done much winter hiking before moving to Colorado but I learned quickly that winter… Continue reading Rocky Mountain National Park Hikes: Lake Haiyaha

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Colorado Day Hikes: Mayflower Gulch

This might actually be my favorite winter hike of all time. My first trip to Mayflower Gulch was with a friend in early 2019; the second visit was actually just this last weekend with Pat. Mayflower Gulch is a beautiful winter destination. The only downfall is that to get there from Denver one must brave the ski traffic on I-70. And boy does it suck.

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Colorado Destinations: Rocky Mountain Arsenal National Wildlife Refuge

If ever there was an area of the US with a bizarre history, this is it. Even the name – which combines ‘arsenal’ and ‘wildlife’ into the same sentence – suggests that this land has quite the storied past. Located immediately northeast of Denver, the land encompassed today by Rocky Mountain Arsenal used to be… Continue reading Colorado Destinations: Rocky Mountain Arsenal National Wildlife Refuge

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Colorado Bucket List: Hanging Lake

There are a few things that, when you visit or live in Colorado, you just have to do. Some of them are silly and some of them are excessively popular and some of them are probably pretty cliché. But some of them are also on the must-do list for a reason. As Pat and I… Continue reading Colorado Bucket List: Hanging Lake