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Springtime in the Adirondacks

It was March 2018, and reality was really starting to catch up to us as we searched for apartments in Denver and collected quotes from moving companies and I began spending all my free time applying for jobs. But the most pressing matter (priorities, right?) was that our “Before We Leave CT” to-do list still… Continue reading Springtime in the Adirondacks

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Tri-State Adventures – Taconic State Park, New York

As spring of 2017 rolled around, I began to realize that we had just over a year left in Connecticut, very little vacation time (Pat was still in school), and far more than a year’s worth of adventures left on my New England to-do list. Memorial Day Weekend isn’t always the best time to travel… Continue reading Tri-State Adventures – Taconic State Park, New York

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Exploring beautiful Lake George, New York

In summer 2014, a friend of mine went to Lake George and posted photos of the trip on Facebook. She and her family had hiked up to a high point and the view from the top was of a large blue lake dotted with luscious green islands. I went home that day and added Lake… Continue reading Exploring beautiful Lake George, New York


Never Forget

I never saw the Twin Towers. But I still remember where I was 17 years ago when I heard the news. I'd just stepped out of my mom's car as she dropped me off in front of my middle school, when my childhood best friend came running up to me and started asking about what… Continue reading Never Forget

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New York, New York

By the time we moved out of Connecticut a couple months back, I’d lived there for 2 months shy of 6 years. And in that time, I only managed to spend about 24 hours in New York City. Total. Despite the fact that it was only 2.5 hours away. My main excuse is that it’s… Continue reading New York, New York

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High in the ‘Gunks – Minnewaska State Park, New York

I’m a big fan of Groupon. I know I’ve mentioned this before. They have great stuff, everything from discount trips to Europe to tours of local breweries. As it turns out, they also on occasion offer discounted stays at local campgrounds, which is how this trip was born. I didn’t know at the time that… Continue reading High in the ‘Gunks – Minnewaska State Park, New York

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Adventures in the Adirondacks

Our final stop for vacation 2014 was Adirondack Park, New York. This giant park encompasses more than 6 million acres of the Adirondack Mountains of upstate New York, including rivers, lakes, and mountains. We had only two and a half days to spend in this area so we barely scratched the surface. But we had… Continue reading Adventures in the Adirondacks