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Fourth Time is the Charm – Chicago, Illinois

I’ve previously written about my travels to the annual Experimental Biology conference in Boston and San Diego – trips that were a combination of science and exploring. In 2017, the conference was held in Chicago and, I must admit, I went into the trip with fairly low expectations. You see, my previous experiences in Chicago consisted… Continue reading Fourth Time is the Charm – Chicago, Illinois

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Diana’s Best of 2017!

With the end of the year rapidly approaching, it’s always a good time to look both backwards and forwards, reminiscing on the highlights of the past 12 months and building enthusiasm for what’s to come. 2017 was actually somewhat of a lackluster travel year for me. Between the crazy final few months of grad school,… Continue reading Diana’s Best of 2017!

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Eastward Bound (part I) – Montana to Indiana

August 10, 2012: Moving Day. I don't think it had hit me yet that I would be spending the next few years of my life in Connecticut. I'd never been there before. I'd never been anywhere in the northeast. All I had was warnings from various people that northeasterners are rude and everyone has a Boston… Continue reading Eastward Bound (part I) – Montana to Indiana