Travel Bucket List

  1. Do a handstand in all 50 states (I’ve been to 44 but apparently I’ve only done handstands in 28 of them + Washington DC) and all the Canadian provinces (been to 7, done a handstand in 5 of them)
  2. Stand on as many US state high points as possible (total so far: 7)
  3. Drive the Pacific Coast Highway
  4. Visit all the US National Park Service Sites (total so far: 73)dscn1660
  5. Backpack a portion of the Appalachian Trail – completed June 2018!
  6. Have a beer in as many countries as possible (total so far: 3, although I don’t seem to have a photo of one from Costa Rica)
  7. Do a handstand on every continent (total so far: 2)
  8. Visit as many UNESCO World Heritage sites as possible (total so far: 14)
  9. Become fluent in Spanish (I’m about a third of the way there)

  10. Learn at least a little bit of Italian and Greek
  11. Attend the gymnastics World Championships
  12. Attend a summer and winter Olympics (fingers crossed for Summer 2028 in Los Angeles!)
  13. See the Lion King and/or Phantom of the Opera on Broadway
  14. Take a photo of a lightning bolt
  15. Learn to surf

  16. Learn how to snorkel without freaking out

  17. Spend an afternoon at a hedgehog cafe in Japan
  18. Zip line through the rainforest in Costa Ricacompleted February 2018!
  19. Stand on the equator (and do a handstand with one hand in each hemisphere)
  20. Hike the Arctic Circle Trail
  21. Breathe in the fresh mountain air at Machu Picchu
  22. Do a handstand at Salar de Uyuni
  23. Go paddleboarding in the crater of a volcano
  24. Float in the Dead Sea (I don’t float, I sink, so this one might be extra challenging)
  25. Climb Mount Fuji
  26. Take a photo of the sunrise over Angkor Wat
  27. Do a handstand on the Great Wall of China
  28. Trek to the Everest Base Camp
  29. Travel the Pamir Highway
  30. Go on an African safari
  31. Summit Mount Kilimanjaro (and do a handstand on top, of course)
  32. Ride a camel out into the desert of Morocco
  33. Take a photo of footprints in the sand at Sossusvlei
  34. Summit Half Dome
  35. Hike The Narrows
  36. Take a disorienting photo at Antelope Canyon
  37. Climb Devil’s Tower
  38. Go ice climbing – completed February 2017!
  39. Raft the Grand Canyon
  40. Explore Mammoth Cavescompleted June 2018!
  41. Watch Steamboat Geyser erupt
  42. Spend the night in Labrador
  43. See a panda in the wild
  44. See a lemur in the wild
  45. See a polar bear in the wild
  46. See the northern lights (I saw them once when I was a kid, but just barely and it was nothing like the incredible photos you see from Alaska or Scandinavia)
  47. See the southern lights
  48. Watch a volcano erupt
  49. Go skydiving (location tbd)

  50. Go body-zorbing in New Zealand