Central America

World Capitals: San José, Costa Rica

Alternate title: In Which Diana FINALLY Gets a Stamp in Her Passport! Welcome to the third installment of my World Capitals series. Today’s post is all about the highly contradictory capital of Costa Rica. Our trip to Costa Rica began with our mid-day arrival at the airport in Connecticut, meaning we didn’t land in San… Continue reading World Capitals: San José, Costa Rica

East Coast US, US National Parks

World Capitals: Washington, DC

Welcome to post #2 in my world capitals series, and happy (early) 4th of July to all my American readers! It seems appropriate to celebrate the holiday with stories of my time spent in our nation's capital. You’d think the capital of my home country would’ve been post #1. It was, after all, the first… Continue reading World Capitals: Washington, DC


World Capitals: Ottawa, Canada

Today marks the beginning of what is – at this point – a very short series on world capitals. As of the writing of this post, I’ve only visited two: Ottawa and Washington, DC. But eventually that number will increase. (Edit: as of the posting of this post, that number has now increased to three;… Continue reading World Capitals: Ottawa, Canada