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Ten Day Travel Photo Challenge

By this point I’m sure you’ve all seen the 10-day photo challenge that’s been floating around for about three months now. I’ve actually been nominated by multiple people: Maggie and Richard from Monkeys Tale, Angela from Suitcase Travel Blog, and Beth from ETB Travel Photography. But between the holidays and the start of spring semester, real life got in the way. Today, though, it’s about 3°F and snowy outside… a good day to put on my footie pajamas and sort through all my photos. So thank you to all four of you for the nomination, and my apologies for taking so long to get around to doing this.

The official rules say to post 1 photo per day for 10 days, without an explanation, and to nominate someone else to participate each day. I’m not sure if it was in the original rules, but it’s turned into a guessing game as well… which I’ve really enjoyed, even though I haven’t traveled the world nearly as much as most of you and therefore haven’t recognized about 90% of the photos. (In fact, I borrowed a couple photos from Pat in order to inject a little more variety into this collection.)

At this point, I think pretty much everyone I follow has already participated. So instead, I’m going add my own little twist to the rules. I’m going to just post all 10 photos today and I nominate anyone who has not already participated and would like to! Or if you already participated and want to do it a second time, that works too! If you do choose to participate, please tag me so I can see your photos.

Drop your guesses in the comments, and I will post the answers in a few days!

Photo #1

Photo #2

Photo #3

Photo #4

Photo #5

Photo #6

Photo #7

Photo #8

Photo #9

Photo #10

24 thoughts on “Ten Day Travel Photo Challenge”

  1. Good for you for changing the rules. I like this much better. Guesses: #1 Costa Rica, #2 Rockies-Alberta, #3 California, #4 Mexico, #5 Thailand, #7 NYC, #8 Utah or Colorado, #9 Ottawa (didn’t clue in until I saw the flag), #10 Yellowstone.

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  2. These are some stunning photos! I don’t have a clue where the bulk of them are though so I’m just going to guess and hope for the best!
    2 – Yellowstone?
    3 – Hawaii?
    7 – NYC?
    8 – Colorado?
    9 – Quebec City?
    10 – Iceland?

    Genuinely no idea! Even NYC I’m beginning to doubt myself and that’s probably the only of these places I’ve been to haha.

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