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Handstands: the A-Z Edition

We all know I’m obsessed with lists. But present circumstances have made my travel to-do list a little depressing; it’s not getting any shorter, and my 2020 list of accomplishments is not getting any longer.

But then I stumbled across a handful of A-Z travel lists here on WordPress and decided to jump on the bandwagon… with a twist. There are a couple letters missing and a couple duplicates because I couldn’t narrow it down, but I’d say I was mostly successful with my alphabet accomplishments.

I present to you: Diana’s A-Z of handstands!

A: Arenal Volcano National Park (Costa Rica)

B: Beartooth Plateau (Montana/Wyoming)

C: Calgary Tower (Alberta, Canada)

D: Delicate Arch (Arches National Park, Utah)


Dead Horse Point State Park (Utah)

E: Europe (Rhine River Valley, Germany)

F: Florissant Fossil Beds National Monument (Colorado)

G: Glacier National Park (Montana)


Great Sand Dunes National Park (Colorado)

H: Hyalite Peak (Montana)

I: Indian Peaks Wilderness (Colorado)

J: Jefferson County (Colorado)
Did I have to get a little creative to come up with a J? Yes, yes I did.

K: Köln (Germany)

L: Loch Vale (Rocky Mountain National Park, Colorado)


Lake George (New York)

M: Mount Washington (New Hampshire)
Not the best handstand in the world or the prettiest location, but this was one of the hardest hikes of my life and I’m proud of us for making it to the summit!

N: Nova Scotia

O: Ocean (Hunting Island State Park, South Carolina)DSCN0858-1

P: Panorama Point (Mount Rainier National Park, Washington)


Prince Edward Island

I’m kicking myself so hard for this one. I’ve been to Quebec and I’ve climbed Quandary Peak… and I didn’t do a handstand at either place.

R: Royal Gorge Railroad (Colorado)

S: Stormhaven (Bruce Peninsula National Park, Ontario)

T: Telluride (Colorado)

U: Utah (Cedar Breaks National Monument)

V: Vermont

W: Waterton Lakes National Park (Alberta)

X: Four Corners
It’s an X on the ground… that counts, right? I’ve never been anywhere that starts with X, so it’s the best I can do

Y: Yellowstone National Park (Wyoming)
All the times I’ve been to Yellowstone, you’d think I’d have a better handstand picture. Sadly I do not.

Z: Zion National Park (Utah)

24 thoughts on “Handstands: the A-Z Edition”

  1. Oh my gosh! Mt. Washington IS a hard climb. We’d though it would be easy because we’d done Mt. Elbert, but I can honestly say that, except for the effects of altitude on the 14er, these two mountain climbs are equally difficult! (And sooo windy! And then to see that people had driven up!!!)

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I completely agree! We haven’t done Elbert but we did climb a different 14er here and in many ways Washington was more challenging. It’s those damn giant boulders. Plus I was living at sea level at the time.

      Liked by 1 person

    1. Thanks! Every once in a while all the pieces come together and we end up with a photo like that Nova Scotia one! I wish all of them looked like that, but between the topography of the ground + wind + camera angles + heavy hiking boots on my feet, it’s not always easy!


  2. Great list and pics. I enjoyed recognizing many of the sights. You’re handstand at Dead Horse Point SP made me nervous because I sat on that very rock and you wouldn’t want to make a wrong move.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Guess it’s time to spill the beans… none of these handstands are done in a dangerous spot, no matter how it may look. It’s all about camera angle, which my mom and fiance have perfected after years of taking these photos of me. I’m either not actually as close to the edge as it appears or the edge isn’t as much of an edge as it appears.

      Liked by 1 person

  3. Really cool to mix it up with a handstand edition of the A-Z travel tag. Letter “O” looked like a challenge; did you have to hold your breath for long as the photos was taken? Kudos to you for managing handstands all around the world; I can barely even do one! 😀

    Liked by 1 person

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