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Colorado State Parks: State Forest

A vast majority of Colorado’s state parks are in the plains or foothills in the general vicinity of Denver. Many of them – especially the ones on the plains – are centered around bodies of water and geared toward water sports. They’re also crowded since they’re so close to a high population area. Because of… Continue reading Colorado State Parks: State Forest


Colorado State Parks: Cherry Creek

Our very first campsite in Colorado was at Cherry Creek State Park. In fact, it was the first place we ever spent the night anywhere in Colorado – and that includes our apartment. We’d left Pat’s old car behind in Connecticut (it wouldn’t have made it to Colorado) and his residency start date was just… Continue reading Colorado State Parks: Cherry Creek


Colorado State Parks: Roxborough

It’s taken me a long time to get around to writing about Colorado’s State Parks. This is partially because we’ve yet to purchase a State Parks pass so they aren’t common destinations for us. The second reason is because I’ve been holding off on these posts until I’ve done a decent amount of exploring at… Continue reading Colorado State Parks: Roxborough