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Introducing Pudgey

I can’t believe I’ve been writing this blog for a year and a half now and I still haven’t introduced you all to Pudgey!


Pudgey was my very first beanie baby; I got her for Christmas when I was seven. Over the years, she’s come just about everywhere with me – gymnastics meets, camping trips, hikes, vacations, etc. At this point, she’s basically a member of the family. If something ever happened to her, I would be bawling my eyes out.

My mom loves Pudgey just about as much as I do, so when I went off to college, we decided to do a Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants type thing with her. Every time we see each other, Pudgey switches hands. And when she’s with my mom, she goes on adventures with her instead.

Despite Pudgey being quite well-traveled, she didn’t really feature in many photographs until recently. When I moved to Connecticut in 2012, Pudgey came with me. When I went home for Christmas that year, Pudgey stayed with my mom and sister until they came to visit the following August. Not only did Pudgey go on adventures with them, but they began taking pictures of her at each destination. Originally, it was so they could send them to me to prove that Pudgey wasn’t sitting at home alone while they went hiking. Somehow – I’m not completely clear on the details – it morphed into a photobook called Pigtures. Needless to say, I received a hilarious and very unexpected Christmas present that year.

The next year I received Pigtures II, despite their insistence that they were absolutely not making a second book. The following year, Pudgey spent most of the year with Pat and me in CT, so my mom and sister received Pigtures III for Christmas. Long story short, we have lots of photos of Pudgey and she’s adorable, so I might start throwing some of them into these posts.

In the meantime, here’s an assortment of Pudgey’s adventures:

Pudgey at Grotto Falls
Pudgey on top of Mount Greylock
Pudgey on Mount Mansfield

12 thoughts on “Introducing Pudgey”

  1. Aw, that’s so cool. I love the idea of handing Pudgey back and forth and also taking photographs. My son, now 24, has a Winnie the Pooh that travels everywhere with him. He was kind of torn up–by our dog–when he left for college, so a few days before, I sewed him back together. I also stitched a heart on him so that if he got lonely, he could look at the heart and know I love him. Pooh has been all over the world with my son. He usually never comes out of the suitcase though (because he’s a guy, according to my son), but he’s there.

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