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I’ve toyed with the idea of starting a travel blog for a long time now, but I always manage to talk myself out of it. Maybe because I haven’t quit my job to travel the world for a year. I haven’t even really traveled the world, though I have traveled quite extensively within the US and Canada. And maybe someday I’ll be that person who leaves everything behind and goes on the adventure of a lifetime. But for right now, my boyfriend (Pat) and I are broke grad students with an ever-growing list of destinations and neither the time nor the money to actually visit any of them. Nevertheless, we make the most of what little time and money we do have to venture out locally and see as much as we can.

Growing up, my family didn’t have a ton of money, so we never went to Disneyland or Hawaii or Europe for our family vacations. We went camping. Weekends, holidays, and every summer for two weeks or so, we’d pack up the old station wagon and head off to a new (or old favorite) destination. I grew up in southwest Montana, surrounded by mountains and lakes, ninety minutes from Yellowstone National Park and a day’s drive to the national parks of Colorado, Utah, and Washington, so there was never a shortage of places to go. I mean, I lived there for 21 years and I’ve still barely scratched the surface.

Three years ago, I relocated to New England for grad school, and while I spend most of my days in mountain withdrawal (I’m sorry, but Connecticut “mountains” are not mountains), I’ve also visited so many places I never thought I’d go. Prince Edward Island, for example. And I realized that even though I’m not embarking upon an epic world adventure any time soon, I’m still a traveler. I go places and hike and camp and take pictures, and I want to share those with whoever happens to stumble across this blog. I also want to provide insight and information about the places I’ve visited. And hopefully along the way, I can inspire at least one person to get out there and experience the beauty that nature has to offer.

What New England lacks in mountains it makes up for in fall colors

15 thoughts on “Hello!”

    1. Thank you! I would definitely like to visit Britain someday… now I know who to ask for recommendations 🙂 I haven’t managed as many overseas trips as I would have liked at this point, but I do still really want to explore more of this crazy world!

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  1. I’m glad that your Oregon roots and the great hiking throughout the Northwest captivated you and you have pursued this recreation throughout the country. From the time they were in grade school, my two daughters went with me on backpacks throughout Oregon and now they are also continuing the tradition. And when you get back to Oregon, you can finish the day hiking at one of our great and plentiful breweries!

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    1. Yes absolutely I would love to return to Oregon some day! So many beautiful places to explore. My all time favorite beer is also in Oregon (Rogue hazelnut brown) so we’d be stopping by that brewery for sure!

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  2. I just ran across your blog and laughed when I saw your comment about Connecticut mountains not really being mountains. I grew up in CT, so trust me, I know what you’re talking about!! Unfortunately, we’re not gonna make it out west until the end of this year which is kind of a bummer, but we are REALLY looking forward to those incredible vistas. Anyway, nice blog and photos!!

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  3. I’m enjoying your blog! Do you remember how you found us?
    There are many younger people traveling full time and earning a living. We’re sorry we didn’t start sooner – we started at age 60 as full time travelers. We used to take a few trips a year.
    We heard about this the other day on a survivor show and agree:
    “To my mind, voyaging through wildernesses, be they full of woods or waves, is essential to the growth and maturity of the human spirit. It is in the wilderness that you really learn who you are.” By Steven Callahan, author of “Adrift: Seventy-Six Days Lost at Sea”

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    1. Thanks for visiting, and that’s a great quote! I don’t recall how I found your blog, but sometimes I find new travel blogs from comments sections on other posts, so I’m guessing that’s probably where I found yours.

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  4. That sounds just like my upbringing. My parents were pretty poor too and we just took walking holidays all the time. Now I think that was the best upbringing I could have possibly had! 🙂


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