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Colorado Bucket List: Isak Heartstone… and some other Breckenridge highlights

The first time I heard someone mention “the troll” I had absolutely no clue what they were talking about, but a little research quickly uncovered the mystery of this unusual hiking destination. This is one of those silly and cliché and popular bucket list items, but I still feel like it was worth it. Isak Heartstone is a giant troll built by Danish artist Thomas Dambo in 2018 for a Breckenridge art festival. He was then partially rebuilt and relocated (due to his popularity, he needed a new home) in summer 2019. Dambo specializes in making sculptures out of materials that would otherwise be discarded; there are many wooden trolls, as well as other sculptures, in various locations around the world.

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Exploring Montana on Skis

I never used to mind winter. And then I moved to New England. Winters here are horrible. The sun sets at 4:15pm. It’s usually cloudy and cold and windy. And dark. All the time. And when it snows in New England, it really snows. Two feet (0.6 m) at a time, leaving us to dig our… Continue reading Exploring Montana on Skis

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Winter in Yellowstone National Park (part II)

At this point, you might be wondering why this blog is called Handstands Around the World when there’s such a blatant lack of handstand pictures. Well, it turns out I didn’t really start doing handstands everywhere I went until I was no longer actively doing gymnastics. Most of my handstand pictures are taken on the edge of… Continue reading Winter in Yellowstone National Park (part II)

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Winter in Yellowstone National Park (part I)

Eventually, I’ll sort through my thousands of pictures from all of my trips to Yellowstone National Park and organize them into a few (hopefully) coherent posts. It’s a daunting task for which I just haven’t found the motivation. So in the meantime, I’m going to take a more unique approach and talk about winter in Yellowstone.… Continue reading Winter in Yellowstone National Park (part I)