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Eight Hours in Laramie, Wyoming

While we were camped at Vedauwoo (if you missed last week’s post, you can read all about Vedauwoo here), we took a few hours out of our day to visit nearby Laramie, Wyoming. Laramie is the third largest city in Wyoming and home to some interesting museums and quite a lot of frontier history. We… Continue reading Eight Hours in Laramie, Wyoming

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Colorado Destinations: Georgetown-Silver Plume Historic District

Like most Colorado mountain towns, Georgetown and Silver Plume were founded by miners. Georgetown was named after prospector George Griffith, who struck gold in the area in 1859. While this triggered a small gold rush, the gold mining operations in the region were only mildly successful due to the relative lack of gold in the… Continue reading Colorado Destinations: Georgetown-Silver Plume Historic District

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48 hours in Cheyenne, Wyoming

Visiting Wyoming’s capital city was not plan A for this particular outing. But when weather thwarted plan A, we found ourselves spending the weekend in Cheyenne. Prior to our departure, some of Pat’s coworkers warned him that Cheyenne was lame and to prepare to be disappointed. Perhaps they enjoy different things when they travel or… Continue reading 48 hours in Cheyenne, Wyoming

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Colorado Bucket List: Isak Heartstone… and some other Breckenridge highlights

The first time I heard someone mention “the troll” I had absolutely no clue what they were talking about, but a little research quickly uncovered the mystery of this unusual hiking destination. This is one of those silly and cliché and popular bucket list items, but I still feel like it was worth it.

Isak Heartstone is a giant troll built by Danish artist Thomas Dambo in 2018 for a Breckenridge art festival. He was then partially rebuilt and relocated (due to his popularity, he needed a new home) in summer 2019. Dambo specializes in making sculptures out of materials that would otherwise be discarded; there are many wooden trolls, as well as other sculptures, in various locations around the world.

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Beer + hiking + fall colors: Upslope Backcountry Taproom 2019

There’s nothing more Colorado than hiking through beautiful fall colors with hundreds of other people and then drinking some beer in the backcountry. Well, okay, maybe that’s not entirely true. To truly do it Colorado-style, you’d have to climb to the top of a 14er before drinking the beer. But they like to make this… Continue reading Beer + hiking + fall colors: Upslope Backcountry Taproom 2019

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Holy Schist! – Black Canyon of the Gunnison National Park, Colorado

After a stunningly beautiful 24 hours at the Maroon Bells, we packed up camp and headed south to Black Canyon of the Gunnison. I’m not sure what I was expecting Black Canyon to be, but it was wildly different from my expectations... in a good way. In my mind, I guess it was a mini… Continue reading Holy Schist! – Black Canyon of the Gunnison National Park, Colorado

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Westward Bound, part II – Kentucky to Colorado

(Read part 1 of this post here) Day #5: I pride myself on being a pretty good vacation planner, but the logistics of this portion of our cross-country trip completely slipped through the cracks. I’d done my best to divide up the driving into relatively equal amounts – about 8 hours – each day. But… Continue reading Westward Bound, part II – Kentucky to Colorado

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A Taste of Connecticut: Beer Edition

I didn’t used to like beer. At all. But somewhere along the way, as everyone always told me I would, I acquired a taste for it. People keep telling me that about wine, too, but that’s not going so well. But somehow I’ve turned into a total beer person. Pat’s dad and stepmom also enjoy… Continue reading A Taste of Connecticut: Beer Edition

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A Taste of Vermont

When I say ‘food’ and ‘Vermont’ in the same sentence, I’m guessing the first thing that comes to mind for many of you is maple syrup. It’s probably what Vermont is most known for, food wise. But I actually don’t like maple syrup – which, by the way, is pronounced “SEER-up” in New England –… Continue reading A Taste of Vermont

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Exploring beautiful Lake George, New York

In summer 2014, a friend of mine went to Lake George and posted photos of the trip on Facebook. She and her family had hiked up to a high point and the view from the top was of a large blue lake dotted with luscious green islands. I went home that day and added Lake… Continue reading Exploring beautiful Lake George, New York