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Handstands Around the World Turns 3!

Holy cow! Three years? It seems like longer and yet not nearly that long since I finally gathered up the courage to start this little blog. But despite my fears, I felt instantly welcomed into the blogging community and I’m so thankful that you guys have stuck with me for 3 years.

I took the leap into instagram this year too (@handstandiana), and I’d love to connect with you guys there as well!

Last year on my blogiversary, I gave an overview of our upcoming adventures. This year, I’ve decided to look back over my most popular posts of all time to provide a summary of my coolest travel adventures… according to all of you!

A quick glance reveals – much to my surprise – that Montana is apparently the most popular topic. Six of the top ten posts – by overall hit count – are about places in my home state. Six of the next eight are about Yellowstone.

I guess when I sit back and think about it, this shouldn’t be terribly surprising. After all, Montana and Yellowstone are pretty cool places… and I’m glad to see you’re all as fascinated with my home state as I am 🙂

So in case you haven’t had a chance to learn all about the wonderful adventures Montana has to offer, here they are:

#1: Twelve (Hyalite Lake, Montana)

#2: Top of the World (Beartooth Plateau, Montana & Wyoming)

#3: A Local Gem (Hyalite Canyon, Montana)

#4: Close encounters of the rattlesnake kind (Guadalupe Mountains, Texas)

#5: Bridger Mountain Trails (Montana)

#6: Puddles, mud, and freezing cold water (Golden Trout Lakes, Montana)

#7: My All-Time Favorite Hikes

#8: A Montana Summit (Sacagawea Peak)

#9: Yellowstone National Park post #1

#10: How To: not be a jerk while camping

Thank you all so much for your unending enthusiasm and support for Handstands Around the World. I’m so grateful to have a place to share and learn and communicate with fellow travelers as I move into year #4. You guys are so wonderful!

And if you’re ever in Colorado, please feel free to reach out to me… I’d love to show you around this beautiful state I now call home!


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