I hate 3-day weekends

I mean, not entirely. Three whole days off work and the chance for more than just a 1-night camping trip? Yes, please! But what I do hate about 3-day weekends is that everyone else loves them, too. And while I think it’s great that so many people are getting out into nature and exploring, the… Continue reading I hate 3-day weekends


Never Forget

I never saw the Twin Towers. But I still remember where I was 17 years ago when I heard the news. I'd just stepped out of my mom's car as she dropped me off in front of my middle school, when my childhood best friend came running up to me and started asking about what… Continue reading Never Forget

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Exploring Connecticut’s State Parks (part VII)

A couple months ago, I spent some time discussing the parks along the western half of the Connecticut shoreline. Well, today it’s time to focus on the eastern half, using the city of New Haven as the dividing line. This selection of parks includes two old forts, a beautiful mansion and gardens, and what is –… Continue reading Exploring Connecticut’s State Parks (part VII)