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It’s official! We’re moving to….

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Yes, that’s right. We just recently found out that Pat got placed into his top choice for residency, so we’ll be heading west this summer!

I’m equal parts excited and panicked.

Excited because I’m pretty much done living in New England. It’s been mostly a good experience but I never intended to stay here for six years. I am and forever will be a westerner at heart.

Panicked because it means finding a new job (again), an apartment, and figuring out moving logistics and finances in the next four months. Despite my love of traveling and experiencing new things, I’ve never been good at not having a plan, and right now we have absolutely nothing figured out for our move except that we have to be there by June 20th or so.

But rationally I know I have a tendency to overreact in situations like this. Once we have a chance to sit down and start planning, it will all work out.

So for the most part, the excitement outweighs all the other feelings. I’m excited to be living near mountains again, excited to be away from the humidity, excited to be closer to my family, and – most of all – excited to explore a new place!

Anyway, I just wanted to interrupt my chronological recounting of my past travels to share our news. And now… back to adventures!

16 thoughts on “It’s official! We’re moving to….”

  1. Congrats on getting the residency location of your choice. My father was a physician and was born in Boulder CO in 1933. I echo my fellow Life Buser, Pam Fast, offers for assistance or recommendations of any kind for Denver / Colorado. Would be happy to help out in any way possible. I’m in the medical field so I might be able to help out in a small way there too. Welcome to Colorado. Aside from the traffic, you’re going to love it 🙂

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    1. Awesome! I just might take you up on that offer. Currently we’re working on finding a place to live, and I need a job… but once we have those taken care of, I’ll definitely be planning some exploration so recommendations are always welcome!!

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