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Autumn in New England

I’m just gonna come out and say it: New England isn’t my favorite place. It’s been a good experience for me to live somewhere different, and I’ve largely enjoyed my time here, but it’s not a place I want to stay after Pat and I finish school. Too many people, too much traffic, too many months of crappy weather… you get the idea.

But one thing that New England does better than anywhere else I’ve ever been is autumn. The colors here are just amazing!

Fortunately, I was able to begin learning this within a few short weeks. One of my then-roommates and one of her friends are as adventurous as I am; the 3 of us hit it off and began spending our weekends exploring the area.

Over the course of my first New England fall, we visited two local state parks, a state forest, and hiked a couple of local trails. I also went apple picking and pumpkin picking for the first time ever – two important New England fall traditions!

Hiking at Wolf Rock Nature Preserve – Mansfield, CT
Wolf Rock – Mansfield, CT
View from Wolf Rock – Mansfield, CT
Wolf Rock in late fall – Mansfield, CT
Mansfield Hollow State Park – Mansfield, CT
My roommate wanted to practice her handstand photography skills – Mansfield Hollow State Park, Mansfield, CT
Sunset at River Park – Mansfield, CT
Colors of fall in my backyard – Storrs, CT
Pine Acres Lake – James L Goodwin State Forest, Hampton, CT
Apple picking at Buell’s Orchard – Eastford, CT
Apple picking at Buell’s Orchard – Eastford, CT
Praying mantis at the pumpkin patch

Adjusting to life in New England was a long process, but I’m very thankful that I was surrounded by such wonderful people and that together we were able to get out and explore my new home!

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