A summit without a view – Mount Blackmore, Montana

The Gallatin Valley is surrounded by mountains, and I’d obviously love to be able to climb each and every one of them. But summiting most of them requires a substantial amount of bushwhacking, technical climbing, or both. I have a good sense of direction and I know how to read a map, but I don’t own… Continue reading A summit without a view – Mount Blackmore, Montana


Confluence – Missouri Headwaters State Park, Montana

Missouri Headwaters State Park, Montana: the place where three rivers conflue into one. I’m not entirely sure that’s an appropriate use of “conflue.” In fact, I’m relatively certain “conflue” isn’t a real word. Okay, so according to Google, it isn’t. But it should be. A confluence is a place where two or more streams/rivers flow… Continue reading Confluence – Missouri Headwaters State Park, Montana


Bridger Mountain Trails 

This post is going to be a bit of a mish-mash. There are a few hikes over the course of 2006-2009 that I didn’t complete, didn’t like, or don't remember much about, so it would be difficult to write a full post about each one. Instead, I’m combining them all together here. Each one is… Continue reading Bridger Mountain Trails 


Twelve – Hyalite Lake, Montana

Twelve. That’s the number of waterfalls we saw on the hike to Hyalite Lake. If you’ve been following me for a while, you may remember when I talked about Hyalite Canyon, located in the Gallatin Mountains of Montana. (And if not, you can read all about it here). From the main road up Hyalite Canyon,… Continue reading Twelve – Hyalite Lake, Montana